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Evelyn Lusimbo Yamame

Evelyn Lusimbo Yamame

Manager Strategy and Performance Management

Audrey Chepkemoi Munai

Audrey Chepkemoi Munai

Senior Strategy and Performance Management Officer

Welcome to the Strategy and Performance Management department. This is a department in the Division of Strategy and Corporate Services. The core mandate of this department is to support Bukura Agricultural College in achieving its corporate goals and objectives. Specifically, the department coordinates the development of Strategic plans and Performance contracts for the College. This is a critical role in performance management as it ensures all heads of divisions and departments negotiate performance contracts to enhance the performance of the College across divisions in order to make them more accountable and enhance the prudent use of resources in the provision of quality services to citizens. We endeavour to be all-inclusive in our operations to ensure that the entire BAC fraternity understands the concepts and benefits of Performance Contracting as a critical measure of Staff Performance. 

The department is also charged with the responsibility of risk management. This entails establishing risk management frameworks in the College which ensures that risks faced by the College are proactively identified and mitigation measures put in place to guarantee stakeholder value and ensure that the risk culture is engrained in all College processes and programs. Finally, the department oversees the preparation and implementation of College quality management systems in line with ISO 9001:2015 standards to ensure compliance in order to meet and exceed customer expectations in line with our vision of being a centre of excellence in practical agricultural training. It is my sincere hope that as we work passionately together with other departments in the College BAC will not only become a household name, but a brand name based on quality service to the public.


Our Mandate

The role of this department is to;

  1. Initiate the development and implementation of BAC Strategic plans and Performance Contracts in accordance with the College's vision and mission.
  2. Monitor the implementation of the College Strategic Plan and annual Corporate and departmental Performance Contracts.
  3. Coordinate the development of the College Master plan.
  4. Coordinate the implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) and other business reengineering processes of the College.
  5. Initiate the development and review of corporate strategic objectives and policies to ensure consistency with National plans.
  6. Coordinate development and implementation of corporate and departmental plans and budgets.
  7. Coordinate risk management and business continuity processes of the College and;
  8. Monitor and evaluate College programs and projects.


The department ensures that the College executes its mandate and achieves its corporate goals and objectives by ensuring that;

  • Strategic plans and performance contracts are developed and implemented. This gives the College a strategic direction and ensures prudence in the management of resources in line with good governance practices.
  • The College identifies and manages risks to ensure business continuity and minimal disruption to College operations during calamities/incidences.
  • Implementation of academic programmes is monitored to ensure that BAC graduates acquire the expected competencies to make them employable and competitive in the labour market.
  • Customer feedback is monitored, analyzed and shared with relevant Directors for action to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • The College Performance reports are prepared on a quarterly basis and shared with the relevant Ministries and State Agencies to ensure the College remains accountable for resources allocated by the Government.




  1. Coordinate preparation and implementation of the College Performance contract.
  2. Coordinate the preparation and monitoring of the implementation of divisional and departmental performance contracts.
  3. Prepare quarterly College performance reports (PC evaluation, customer feedback, trainer attendance) to monitor the level of implementation of College programs and projects.
  4. Coordinate the development of College annual work plans
  5. Conduct studies and research on matters relating to college mandate( tracer studies)
  6. Conduct impact assessment of College programs and Board decisions. (programme evaluations)



  1. Initiate the development of the College's strategic plan
  2. Oversee the development and review of the College Master plan.
  3. Initiate the development and review of corporate strategic objectives and policies to ensure consistency with national plans.
  4. Facilitate planning and prioritization of projects and programs.
  5. Coordinate development and implementation of corporate and departmental Plans and budgets
  6. Monitor the implementation of the College strategic plan and all Board approved policies.
  7. Coordinate resource mobilization strategies for the College (Develop funding proposals).
  8. Monitor implementation of strategic collaborations and partnerships.  
  9. Coordinate knowledge-sharing initiatives for the College.


  1. Monitors and reviews strategic, significant operational and enterprise-wide risks;
  2. Establish and administer a College-wide business continuity management system;
  3. Review risk management and business continuity management incidents as they occur;
  4. Establish and administer a College-wide risk register;
  5. Implement College-wide risk management and business continuity training.
  6. Receive and consider risk management and business continuity reports to inform the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors;
  7. Oversee the preparation and implementation of College quality management systems through quality assurance programmes. 
  8. Conducts internal quality audits at planned intervals to determine the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  9. Initiate review of BAC quality management procedures in line with applicable ISO standards.
  10. Conduct QMS training for BAC staff.


The following are notable achievements of the department;

  1. Significant continual improvement in Performance Contract rating from 2020 to date.
  2. Introduction of Performance contracting among staff to ensure result-based management within the College in response to the broader public sector reforms aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in the management of the public service.
  3. Establishment of a Risk Management framework for the College through the development of the Risk Management and Business Continuity policy, the development of College risk registers and risk monitoring tools.


  1. Automating customer feedback form for ease of receiving customer feedback through various platforms(WhatsApp, email etc.)
  2. Currently in the process of automating the Performance Contracting Process for improved efficiency and ease of monitoring the performance of BAC staff.


Bukura Agricultural College grew from the former Bukura Institute in 1974 under the Ministry of Agriculture with the mandate of offering certificate courses in Agriculture. In 1992, the Institute’s status was upgraded from awarding certificate courses to awarding Diploma courses in Agriculture and renamed Bukura Agricultural College (BAC). Following the enactment of the Bukura Agricultural College Act, Cap.348 of 1999, BAC became a state corporation under the then Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. The College is currently operating as a State Corporation under the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.

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