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Mr. Paul K Njogu

Mr. Paul K Njogu

Ag. Principal/CEO

Bukura Agricultural College is a State Corporation established by the Bukura Agricultural College Act, 1999 to provide middle-level training in agriculture and related fields. The College started in 1974 as an Institute of Agriculture with 73 students following the Weir Commission of 1967 recommendations on Agricultural Education in Western Kenya. The Institute was later upgraded to a Diploma College in 1992 following the change of mandates of training institutions under the Ministry of Agriculture. From 1992-2007 the College focused on in-service training targeting staff mainly from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. In 2007 the College opened its doors to Secondary School leavers in response to the declining number of in-service trainees and increasing demands for college education by the youth. The College is located 18km from the Kakamega – Kisumu highway along Sigalagala – Butere road in a high potential area suitable for Livestock and Crop production. 

The College has a Board of Governors comprising 15 members under the Bukura Agricultural College Act 1999 which is an oversight body charged with the responsibility of formulating policies and guidelines for management of the College. It’s also responsible for controlling, supervising and administering the assets of the College in such a manner as best promotes the purpose for which the College was established. 

The College is divided into six divisions: Legal services; Academic and Student Affairs; Academic programs; Library, Research and Innovation; Production and Business Development; and Strategy and Corporate services. The divisions are further divided into departments and sections. The day-to-day operations of the College are carried out by management under the leadership of the Principal/CEO assisted by six directors in charge of the divisions, Heads of Departments, Heads of Sections and staff. 

BAC offers Diploma, Certificate and skill-based programs customized to industry needs. Our market-driven courses, industry linkages and opportunities outside the classroom provide positive career outcomes for our students in their chosen fields. Over the years we have grown to be a national brand in middle-level agricultural training with over 13,000 alumni as either public or private players in the agriculture sector. Our training is practically oriented with a number of facilities set up for this purpose as well as for the production of quality products for the market in an effort to contribute to food security in the country. The College has a Dairy Processing Plant for training and value addition of milk. It also has a tissue Culture Laboratory for releasing clean planting materials to the farming community in the western region and the country at large. 

Further in line with our mandate BAC plays a major role in capacity-building farming communities in Kenya in partnership with development partners key among them including; United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Orange Knowledge Programme(OKP), Educan, National Research Fund, Anglican Development Services, ZIZI Afrique and Welthungerhilfe(WHH) among others.

In an effort to sharpen the employability skills of our graduates the College strives to give our trainees both local and international exposure. To this end, the College in partnership with Agrarkontakte International (AKI) under The German African Traineeship Program (GATP) takes between 30 – 40 trainees for 6 6-month internship in Germany for exposure in farms with state-of-the-art Art Agricultural Technologies.  The College was also selected as one of the main suppliers of graduates for a 6-month Seasonal Work Programme in the UK where our graduates are engaged on farms to earn them income and build their competencies for agricultural production. We hope to engage more partners in future to achieve this goal.

Welcome to Bukura a centre of excellence in practical agricultural training.

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Bukura Agricultural College grew from the former Bukura Institute in 1974 under the Ministry of Agriculture with the mandate of offering certificate courses in Agriculture. In 1992, the Institute’s status was upgraded from awarding certificate courses to awarding Diploma courses in Agriculture and renamed Bukura Agricultural College (BAC). Following the enactment of the Bukura Agricultural College Act, Cap.348 of 1999, BAC became a state corporation under the then Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. The College is currently operating as a State Corporation under the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.

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Our Mandate is to provide Agricultural Training through the integration of Research and Extension.