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Ms Violet Wasike

Ms Violet Wasike

Manager Human Resource & Administration

The Human Resources and Administration is a department in the Division of Strategy and Corporate Services. The core mandate of this department is to support Bukura Agricultural College in accomplishing its corporate goals and objectives. Specifically, the department synchronizes the recruitment and retention of competent staff who offer efficient and effective services to the College clients. The department is also responsible for the initiation and coordination of staff performance appraisal, staff capacity building, maintenance of physical infrastructure, staff remuneration, and management of staff medical scheme among other duties.

Departmental Objectives

  1. Recruit staff to offer quality services to clients
  2. Initiate negotiation of staff performance contracts
  3. Conduct staff performance appraisal
  4. Prepare staff payroll
  5. Coordinate staff training to build their capacity for service delivery
  6. Maintain College physical infrastructure


The department guarantees that the College implements its mandate and realizes its corporate goals and objectives by ensuring that;

  • Qualified and competent staff are recruited and retained to ensure the highest standards of professionalism for enhanced service delivery.
  • Staff are capable in their areas of specialization to continually improvement of in service delivery to the College clients.
  • Performance targets are negotiated and agreed upon on time by the concerned parties
  • Customer feedback is monitored, analyzed and shared with relevant Directors for action to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Salaries and remuneration are prepared and paid on time and statutory deductions are remitted as per Government guidelines.
  • The medical scheme for staff and their families is well managed
  • College physical infrastructure is well maintained and managed


The department has 18 staff deployed both substantively and in acting capacity.




  1. Coordinate preparation and payment of salaries and remuneration
  2. Oversee preparation of staff leave roaster
  3. Coordinate staff performance appraisal for proper planning and implementation of reward policy
  4. Prepare quarterly College Human Resource reports
  5. Manage staff training and development processes
  6. Manage staff medical scheme and pension scheme



  1. Maintenance and management of College physical infrastructure
  2. Oversee College cleanliness and repairs
  3. Ensure that there is clean supply of clean water for both students and staff
  4. Ensure proper and consistent power supply to the College


  1. Monitors and manages the movement of files and other records on a daily basis.
  2. Ensuring that general and confidential information for the College is maintained accordingly
  3. Provide information to relevant parties when the need arises
  4. Collect, organize and list records for archiving as per the government regulations
  5. Ensure documentation and safe custody of both internal and external documents relevant to the College


  1. Responsible for the movement of staff and students on official duties
  2. Maintenance of all college automobiles


  1. Ensure that College staff, students and equipment are safeguarded always
  2. Provide intelligent information to the College management
  3. Oversee the performance of College outsourced security services.


The following are notable achievements of the department;

  1. Improvement in the Public Service delivery rating on Organizational performance in the financial year 2020/2021.
  2. Improvement in the staff performance appraisal
  3. Improved the number of interns and attaches engaged in the College within a financial year
  4. Trained staff on Organization Safety and Health and the constitution of the OSH Committee
  5. Achieved performance contracting targets in terms of employee training and development


  1. Automated payroll system, leave management processes
  2. Currently in the process of automating the Performance appraisal Process for improved efficiency and ease of monitoring the performance of BAC staff.


Bukura Agricultural College grew from the former Bukura Institute in 1974 under the Ministry of Agriculture with the mandate of offering certificate courses in Agriculture. In 1992, the Institute’s status was upgraded from awarding certificate courses to awarding Diploma courses in Agriculture and renamed Bukura Agricultural College (BAC). Following the enactment of the Bukura Agricultural College Act, Cap.348 of 1999, BAC became a state corporation under the then Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. The College is currently operating as a State Corporation under the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.

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