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Director, Strategy & Corporate Services Division





Strategy and corporate services is a Division that provides strategic leadership in planning, resource mobilization, financial and human resource and administration management, and ICT services. It is charged with monitoring and evaluation of how strategies, procedures and policies are implemented college-wide. To effectively deliver this mandate the division is divided into Four departments namely;

  1. Finance and Administration,
  2. Human Resources and Administration,
  3. Strategy and Performance Management, and Information and Communication Technology.

This Department as you may have guessed works behind the scenes to ensure Bukura Agricultural College delivers on its Core mandate of Training and Research.

The Division has a number of objectives which include:

  • Establish and maintain sound strategy and procedures in compliance with statutory regulations for Finance, Human Resources, ICT and Performance Management functions of the College.
  • Initiate and coordinate the development and implementation of the College Master plan and other corporate plans.
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of BAC Strategic plans and Performance Contracts in accordance with the College's vision and mission.
  • Coordinate staff recruitment, deployment, remuneration, performance appraisal and development processes.
  • Manage and coordinate the utilization of College financial resources and other assets and services to support service delivery of the core functions of the College.
  • Enforce financial discipline through the implementation of appropriate internal controls to ensure prudence in the utilization of College resources.
  • Initiate and coordinate the development and implementation of appropriate ICT policies, procedures and strategies to enhance service delivery and guarantee data and information security.

Since the introduction of the division, it has ensured that BAC staff are a responsive, professional and flexible team, The streamlining of BAC systems makes them effective in strategically supporting our business, the development of a sound corporate governance culture; and value for money in management of the college’s Finances.


Bukura Agricultural College grew from the former Bukura Institute in 1974 under the Ministry of Agriculture with the mandate of offering certificate courses in Agriculture. In 1992, the Institute’s status was upgraded from awarding certificate courses to awarding Diploma courses in Agriculture and renamed Bukura Agricultural College (BAC). Following the enactment of the Bukura Agricultural College Act, Cap.348 of 1999, BAC became a state corporation under the then Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. The College is currently operating as a State Corporation under the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.

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