The aim of Bukura Agricultural College Library is to support teaching, learning research and extension services of the College by providing access to relevant information resources to all its users. To support the College mandate, the library selects and acquires relevant information resources of diverse formats, process the information materials, organize and disseminate information resources on time to its clientele, preserve, and the resources within the library.

To achieve its stated objectives, the library is presently organized into four main sections. These are: the Collection Development section, Technical Services section; the Electronic Library and Users’ Services section.


College Library

To ensure that the library remains responsive to the changing trends in technology where the user is interested in fast and up to date information material, and in a bid to reach a wider clientele, the department has subscribed to electronic resources through (KLISC). This is a consortium of information professionals with an aim of accessing wide range information resource databases with minimum cost. This has enabled users to access latest resources in their area of interest in form of e-books, e-journals and open access resources through the College network without necessary visiting the physical library building. In addition, the department purchases hard copy information materials every academic year within the scope of curriculum in consultation with academic departments.

With a staffing capacity of seven members who are professionals in library and information Sciences, the department is able to meet the needs and demands of our clients within the shortest time possible and still operate for a period of 14 hours during weekdays and eight hours on weekend. This is to ensure that the information materials.





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