Governance and Management of the College

The Bukura Agricultural College Act, 1999 establishes the governance structure of the College. The College has an experienced Board of Governors comprising of Fifteen (15) Members appointed by the Cabinet Secretary, Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

Headed by the Chairperson Ms Mary Waiswa, the Board profile incorporates a  diverse composition and competent skills mix drawn from the State Department of Agriculture, State Department of Livestock Production, State Department of Education, ,Directorate of Personnel Management, Representatives of Public Universities, Representatives of the Agricultural industry, KALRO and the  Management of the College

The Board of Governors conducts its affairs in line with national values and principles which include good governance, integrity, transparency, accountability, sustainable development, devolution, democracy and the rule of law as founded under the Constitution of Kenya and which bind the College as a State Corporation.

Board members undergo inductions trainings, self evaluation and audit in line the new Mwongozo Code of Governance for State Corporations. In light with this, the Board formulates policies and guidelines for the day to day operations of the College. The Board executes its functions through the Audit, Finance and Administration and Technical Committees.

The Board has formulated the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 which identifies and strategizes to fulfil nine Strategic objectives namely- production of skilled employable graduates, contribution to national food security through research and consultancy, improvement of College infrastructure and products, optimization of human resources, financial stability, strong leadership and governance, risk management, enhancement of the College image and mainstreaming of cross cutting issues,

Strategic objective No. 6 in the College’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020 is to provide efficient and effective governance and leadership. It follows that the current governance structure and system is being strengthened to address the challenging, dynamic and competitive environment in which the College is operating.

To achieve this, the Board has set out the following Strategies:

•    Reviewing the Bukura Agricultural College Act (1999) and developing Statutes.
•    Capacity building College Management, Board of Governors and Students’ Council.
•    Developing succession plans for Board of Governors and Management.

This Strategic objectives are implemented by the day to day management of the College headed by the Principal and supported by the Deputy Principal, the Finance and administration Officer, the Registrar, the Internal Auditor, and Heads of departments, Heads of Sections and staff of the College. Currently, the College staff strength stands at 125 personnel, out of the approved establishment of 155 personnel. Staff academic qualifications range from Certificate to Doctorate holders.

Consequently, the Board remains committed to devising policies; allocating resources; reviewing the current organizational structure; revising reward and incentive systems; minimizing resistance to change; developing a  supportive work environment; and corporate culture; and developing an effective human resource function to realise its objectives thus making Bukura Agricultural College to be the leading institution of choice in Agricultural Training.



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