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The students’ Affairs Department undertakes the following activities;    

  • Receiving and addressing complaints raised by student and other stakeholders.
  • Coordinating students’ council activities.
  • Maintaining a record of students seeking leave of absence from the college.
  • Assisting students soliciting for bursary and scholarships.
  • Coordinating students’ field and industrial attachment and assessment.
  • Coordinating students sports activities

The following are the staff attached to Students Affairs Department.

Sports and Entertainment Section

Besides academics, BAC offers a variety of co-curricular activities. 

Sports ensure students are physically fit and are engaged during their free time. Through sports and games, BAC’s relationship with other institutions is also fostered. The sports disciplines available to students include; Rugby, Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, Table tennis, Darts, Chess, Handball among others.

Field/Industrial Liaison Section

BAC trainees are exposed to a twelve week field/Industrial attachment as part of their learning. The attachment exposes trainees to real life working environment. Through the attachment, trainees are expected to acquire practical training skills and to have an understanding of the environmental, political, economic and social influences on management and work performance.

The overall objectives of the attachment session are; To provide opportunities for trainees to put into practice skills learnt into real life work environment; To instill in trainees the right kind of work attitudes, collaborative and interpersonal skills, as well as professional skills through interactions with the others in a work environment; To boost the trainee’s competency in their respective areas of specialization, thereby shortening the on –the- job training requirements in their future respective working environments; To provide the trainees with an opportunity to market their skills, professions and the College; and To forge and support a closer relationship between the industry and the College.

Students Welfare Section

The Section works closely with elected student leaders in responding to complaint and issues raised by students. The students are elected democratically by other students in conjunction with Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.  To boost their competency, the section ensures that the student council members are equipped with leadership skills by organizing a Students’ Council Induction training.

 Students Council

The BAC Act of 1999 recognizes students as an integral component in the membership of the College. The College Management therefore provides for the involvement of students in the governance of the College through their elected leaders in BAC student council. The Student Council provides a link between the student body and the Management. It is also the main mouth piece of student community, voicing the views of the students.

Student Affairs2

Students voting their council representatives

The student council also discharges its mandate by organizing various student activities, such as Cultural and Talent events where students showcase their talents through modeling, dance and music. It is impressive to note that the events have produced notable prominent Alumnae, such as Miss Turkana County. The Council may also be called upon to attend certain College Committed by invitation as the Management may deem necessary. The Student Council comprises of five executive students; Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer and Special interest person, and thirty three other representatives. Dennis Murkomen is the current Chairperson to the Council, while Catherine Nyawande serves as the Vice Chairperson.

Student Affairs3




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    The Section facilitates execution of the College’s Marketing and communication functions. The section Initiate the Development, implementation and review marketing policies and strategies,


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    BAC trainees are exposed to a twelve week field/Industrial attachment as part of their learning. The attachment exposes trainees to real life working environment.Through the attachment, trainees are expected to acquire practical training skills,


    STUDENT AFFAIRS The Student affairstudents affairs department offers support services to students and ensures there is an enabling environment for learning to take place. The department comprises of three sections namely; Students Welfare

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