Home Economics Section

Mrs. Bilha Wanyonyi
BEd. Home Economics Kenyatta University



This is a section in the Agricultural Education and Rural Development Department. In the past, it has
offered courses like Diploma in Agriculture and Home Economics and Diploma in Agriculture, Human
Ecology and Consumer Science. Currently it offers Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition. The course
units in all these Diploma courses fall under areas of Food and Nutrition, Clothing and textiles, Home
Management, Consumer Education, Community life, Research and Child care.

Graduates of these courses have multi-faceted skills in these areas and attract employers from the
mainstream Government Ministries of Agriculture on matters of food security and value addition of
foodstuffs, as well as Non-Governmental Organizations on Nutrition, Maternal and Child health. Some
graduates have also delved into self-employment in Confectionery, Interior Decoration, Food Value
Addition, Clothing Construction, as well as farming.
The section intends to introduce short course in Garment making in the near future.


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