Information and Communication Technology

Mr. Hezbone Ocholi - Head of ICT section                     



In today’s World ICT is constantly evolving with emphasis on technological and information literacy skills, they are becoming as important as having numeracy and literacy skills. ICT related skills are a major contributor to a country’s economic and social success.  Literally all jobs require some degree of ICT literacy.  With over 30 million employees using ICT in their daily jobs it has never been more valued as a subject in today’s world.  Further to this the ICT industry has been facing a shortage in the number of skilled workers.  It is such a broad industry ranging from fields such as Telecommunications, the Gaming industry and Security; working in ICT has never been more exciting.  The ICT Section at Bukura Agricultural College aims to equip you with skills to use new technologies and exploit them to your advantage and ultimately to the advantage of the society. 

ICT Mission Statement

To provide robust, progressive and appropriate Information technology Training services for Bukura Agricultural College Students, staff and the community.

To fulfill this mission we shall:

  • Treat our clients with respect
  • Strive to provide high quality training services
  • Be responsive to requests
  • Provide a stable and secure computing environment
  • Be innovative and adaptable to new technology


The section currently offers the following ICT related short courses;






Certificate in Computer Applications

3 months

Kshs 3,000 college Students and Kshs 4,000 for non-college students

Secondary school education

Agricultural Information Management Systems(AIMS)

Four(4) weeks

Kshs 3,000


Computer User Support,     Repair and Maintenance(CUSR&M)

Eight weeks OR Four Weeks(2modules)

Kshs 8,500 OR (Kshs 4,250 for each of the 2 modules)

Data Analysis with SPSS

Four(4) weeks

Kshs 3,200

Certificate in Geographic Information System(GIS)

Four(4) weeks

Kshs 5,000

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